If Shopify works for entrepreneurs, the new platform – Shopify Plus is designed specifically for enterprises. Let’s learn more about Shopify Plus cost in this article with AllFetch to answer your question.

This article is totally for you if:

  • Shopify merchants who want to upgrade from a simpler eCommerce solution (such as a lower Shopify plan) and optimize Shopify store cost.
  • Business is intending to migrate from another enterprise-grade eCommerce solution (eg Magento, Salesforce, …).
  • Anybody who wants more information on the best business eCommerce platforms available today to have more choices for your business.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is the Shopify e-commerce platform for enterprises. It has a customized hosting, staff, and pricing platform for major brands

Shopify’s platform usually requires to spend a lot of money and technology investment to maintain the security and operation of its platform. Shopify Plus was born to solve all of these problems in a much more economical way. 

Shopify and Shopify Plus have the same mechanism of operation, but the Plus one can be faster than Shopify.

For example, Shopify Plus can handle over 10,000 transactions per minute and is trusted by Nestle, Kylie Cosmetics, GymShark, Heinz, Lindt, …

The key challenge in e-commerce is not just speed but also reliability and affordability. Shopify Plus offered an out of the box solution that could be tailored to our needs, as well as proven reliability which is critical for establishing customer confidence.                      


Shopify Plus pricing tier gives you all the features you’d get from the Shopify plan, with some additional functionalities. Here are some new features that you get with the Shopify Plus plan:

  • Dedicated Launch Engineer (Customer Success Manager): After you sign up for the plus plan, Shopify assigns a dedicated launch engineer to help install and optimize the features.
  • Customizable Checkout with greater control: You can customize shipping methods, custom fields, and payment options with The Script Editor.
  • Access to Advanced Native Shopify apps: Shopify Plus customers get access to some exclusive Shopify apps that help you reclaim your time, operate as an organization by managing tools, schedule your products with a defined time, create personalized customer experiences, migrate online stores from other platforms to Shopify Plus and send bulk email-invites to your customers. 

With COVID-19, we now see a new elevated online sales pattern consistently — all day, every day. With Shopify Plus, we have not had to do anything at all to stay relevant and available to our customers.                                                               

Simon Page – CIO of JB Hi-Fi
Shopify Flow App’s dashboard
Shopify Flow App’s dashboard. Source: apps.shopify.com
 Launchpad App’s dashboard
Launchpad App’s dashboard. Source: apps.shopify.com
Script Editor App’s dashboard
Script Editor App’s dashboard. Source: apps.shopify.com
  • Flexible APIs for custom integrations: Shopify Plus provides you with additional API calls that let you integrate with other customize apps.
  • Merchant Success Program: It helps you define a clear roadmap for your goals, after that, connects you with the right support.
Shopify Merchant Success Program
The Shopify Merchant Success Program. Source: Shopify Plus
  • Unlimited Shopify Staff Accounts: It also provides you with unlimited staff accounts to allow you to grow your personnel. Your staff can get in your Shopify admin, not only to separate report export permissions but also permissions to specific apps. 
  • Membership to premium Shopify communities: Being a member of the Shopify Plus tier also lets you access some private exclusive Shopify communities such as Shopify Plus Community on Facebook, Shopify Plus Academy, Shopify Plus Partner Program, etc.
Shopify Academy
Shopify Academy. Source: Shopify 
  • Separate Wholesale channel: With Shopify Plus, you can access to a wholesale channel that lets you create a separate, password-protected wholesale store. Now you can offer the same products at competitive prices to wholesale buyers. You can also list wholesale-only products or services.

Shopify vs Shopify Plus: Pricing comparison

Shopify store cost comes in at a lower overall price segment than the Plus one. Shopify’s pricing is listed on their website, whereas Shopify Plus only provides pricing quotes during sales conversion. Let’s have a close look at Shopify’s standard pricing plans:

  • Basic Shopify: This pricing plan has all the basics for starting a new e-commerce business. Bundled features/ services include an online store, unlimited products, 2 staff accounts, 24/7 support, manual orders, discount codes, and free SSL certificates. Cost: $29 per month.
  • Shopify: The Shopify plan is best suitable for a growing medium-sized business. It includes everything in the Basic Shopify plan plus features like gift cards and professional reports. You can create up to 5 staff accounts. Cost: $79 per month.
  • Advanced Shopify: The Advanced Shopify tier comes with advanced features that help businesses scale. It includes everything in the Shopify plan plus features like advanced report builder, third-party calculated shipping rates, etc. You can create up to 10 staff accounts. Cost: $299 per month.
Shopify Plus Cost: Shopify Pricicng List
Shopify Pricing List. Source: Shopify

Shopify also offers Shopify Lite, a dashboard that lets you sell your products on Facebook. It is the best suitable choice for merchants who only want to sell their products on social media at $9 per month. 

They also have an exclusive pricing plan – Shopify Gold – similar to Shopify Plus – only for large enterprises based in India.

Shopify Plus doesn’t list any price on their website and you’re encouraged to contact them for a quote. This is because Shopify Plus cost is heavily based on usage and sales volumes.

Shopify Plus Cost: Shopify Quote Template
Shopify Plus Quote Template. Source: Shopify Plus

Here’s a run-down of what exactly to expect for Shopify Plus pricing:

(Note: This is not ‘official’ Shopify Plus pricing, but a reliable guide to help you decide. These rates may also be liable to change.)

  • Build costs: There are many optional pre-designed templates, but most enterprise merchants will want something that more unique. It will take from $30,000 to over $250,000 to pay a quality third-party design agencies.
  • Licensing costs: Monthly fee starts at $2,000 and runs up to $40,000. This increases incrementally after hitting $800,000 in monthly sales, up to a cap of $16 million.
  • Transaction costs: Payment processing fees are now at 1.6% + $0.35 per transaction if using Shopify Payments, a 0.15% fee if using a third-party processor.

Yes, this sounds like a big investment. But don’t worry! Shopify Plus pricing can be quite cost-effective when compared to other enterprise solutions. 

Is Shopify Plus worth your money?

I believe if you are a large business currently operating and hosting your eCommerce platform, in the long run, you could save money by switching to Shopify Plus.

Because of non-managed platforms such as Magento, even when direct monthly costs may seem very low at first, but the extra costs of paying for your website downtime, supporting, security updating, and fixing can lead to higher expenses. Furthermore, these costs to be hidden and unexpected, whereas all fees are easy to plan for on Shopify Plus.


Shopify Plus shows merchants tons of advantages to empower their eCommerce system. However, many of them still hesitate to upgrade their website due to the high Shopify Plus cost and questions if it can bring back profits accordingly or not.

We understand eCommerce is not an easy area to manage, but hopefully, this article will be helpful for you when choosing the right platform for your online business.

Good luck with your business!

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